Please call 970-256-7667 or email us at and we’ll collect the following information:

You:               Your Name

                        Physical Address and Part of Town (nearest major intersection)

                        Mailing Address if different

                        Best Phone Number for reaching you

                        Email Address

                        Preferred Method of Contact

                        Payment Arrangements

                        How did you hear about us?

Your Dog(s):  Name


                        Age & Sex

                        Are Treats OK?

                        Special Needs or Behavior Issues

Your Home: Access into your yard and anything else you feel we should know when visiting you


We’ll schedule you for an initial visit and cleanup, preferably at a time when we can meet you and your dogs. We’ll confirm your registration information and get started! We’ll inform you of your regular weekly schedule.


We schedule our weekly routes, initial pickups and one-time pickups on weekdays. If you are not available on a weekday to meet us for your initial pickup or one-time pickup, we will be glad to meet you by appointment on a Saturday or evening to see your yard and confirm your information. Then we will schedule your pickup on a weekday.

As our client list grows, it may be necessary to rearrange schedules and routes. We’ll notify you in advance of any changes. 



Subscribing to weekly service by Poop Van Scoop really pays…

Scoop Crew Referrals:  Join the Scoop Crew! Refer your friends and receive a $10.00 PetSmart gift card for each referral to sign up for our services. Be sure to tell your friends to mention your name.

Roice Hurst Humane Society:  As regular supporters of Roice-Hurst, we are proud to contribute a portion of your first full month’s fees.
Also, if you adopt a dog from Roice-Hurst, you will receive half off of your third month of service with a new subscription to Poop Van Scoop.